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Buy-back of Shares (With Illustration) | Accounting

The below mentioned article provides a study note on the Buy-back of Shares:- 1. Conditions for Buy-back of Shares 2. Restrictions on Buy-back of Shares 3. Contents of Notice of Meeting 4. Time-limit 5. Sources 6. Picking Shares 7. Declaration of Solvency 8. Method of Fixation of Price 9. Deposit in an Escrow Account 10. […]

Essay on Joint Stock Companies

Essay on Joint Stock Companies! A joint stock company is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of some business for profit with common capital, divisible into transferable shares and possessing a corporate legal entity and a common seal. It is created by a process of law and can be put to an […]

Corporate Strategy Audit (With Diagram)

This article provides study notes on the Corporate Strategy Audit. Concept of Corporate Strategy: The core of Strategy Audit, for any corporate entity, lies on two important questions—how well is a strategy working and how can this be evaluated? For this, a periodic review and evaluation of the fundamental characteristics of a strategy are necessary. […]

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