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Top 2 Sources of Term Loan

This article throws light upon the top two sources of term loan. The sources are: 1. Specialised Financial Institutions 2. Commercial Banks. Term Loans: Source # 1. Specialised Financial Institutions: The need for establishing financial institutions was felt in many countries immediately after the Second World War in order to re-establish their war shattered economies. […]

Term Loan: Meaning, Feature and Appraisal Procedure

After reading this article you will learn about Term Loan:- 1. Meaning of Term Loans 2. Features of Term Loans 3. Financial Institutions 4. Appraisal Procedure for Granting Term Loan. Meaning of Term Loans: The medium or long-term loans are popularly known as ‘Term loans’ which are provided by the specialized financial institutions specially set […]

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