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Top 4 Theories of Tax Shifting

This article throws light upon the top four theories of tax shifting. The theories are: 1. Concentration Theory 2. The Diffusion Theory 3. Demand and Supply Theory of Incidence 4. Musgrave’s Approach. Tax Shifting # 1. Concentration Theory: This theory was advocated by the physiocratic school of thought in France during the middle of the […]

Top 5 Theories of Equity

The following points highlight the top five theories of equity. The theories are: 1. Proprietary Theory 2. Entity Theory 3. Fund Theory 4. Residual Equity Theory 5. Enterprise Theory. 1. Proprietary Theory: Under the proprietary theory, the entity is the agent, representative, or arrangement through which the individual entrepreneurs or shareholders operate. In this theory, […]

Top 4 Theories of Capital Structure

This article throws light upon the top four theories of capital structure. The theories are: 1. Net Income Approach 2. Net Operating Income Approach 3. Traditional Approach 4. Modigliani-Miller Approach. Theory # 1. Net Income (NI) Approach: David Durand’ suggested the two famous capital structure theories, viz, Net Income Approach and the Operating Income Approach: […]

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