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Treatment of Various Tax Losses

In this article we will discuss about the treatment of various tax losses:- 1. Revenue or Trading Losses 2. Capital Losses 3. Foreign Branch Losses 4. Group Taxation. Revenue or Trading Losses: Most countries in the world allow the carry-over of losses of residents and permanent establishments of non-residents for either an unlimited or a […]

Treatment of Items of Expenses: 26 Items | Cost Accountancy

The following points highlight the twenty six items of expenses. Some items are: 1. Design and Drawing Office Costs 2. Materials Carriage, Handling and Storage Expenses 3. Transport Charges 4. Royalties and Patent Fees 5. Light, Heat and Air-conditioning 6. Repairs Renewals and Maintenance 7. Material losses and Wastages 8. Inspection Charges 9. Insurance Costs […]

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