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Private and Public Company: Difference | India | Accounting

The upcoming discussion will update you about the differences between private and public company. Difference # Private Company: 1. The minimum number of members required to form a company is two. 2. The maximum number of members must not exceed fifty. 3. It must have two directors. 4. Shares are not freely transferable. 5. It […]

Types of Shares: Preference and Equity | Accounting

The shares which can be issued by a company, are of two types:- 1. Preference Shares 2. Equity Shares. Type # 1. Preference Shares: The Preference Shares are those which have some preferential rights over the other types of shares. A share to be preference share, must have two preferential rights: [Sec. 85(1)] (a) They […]

Amalgamation of a Company: 2 Types | Accounting

The following points highlight the two main types of amalgamation of a company. The types are:- 1. Amalgamation in the Nature of Merger 2. Amalgamation in the Nature of Purchase. Type # 1. Amalgamation in the Nature of Merger: An amalgamation in the nature of merger should, according to the Accounting Standard – 14, satisfy […]

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