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Management by Objectives (MBO)

Management by Objectives (MBO) is a dynamic system which seeks to integrate many key managerial activities in a systematic manner and is consciously directed toward the effective and efficient achievement of organizational and individual objectives. It is a demanding and rewarding style of managing a business with an effective planning tool to help the supervisor set objectives. Learn about:- 1. [...]

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Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Some of the qualities of a successful and good entrepreneur are as follows: 1. Ability to Take Risk 2. Balancing Family and Business 3. Creativity and Innovations 4. Determination and Commitment 5. Enjoyment of Responsibilities. 6. Financial Risk Taker 7. Goal-Oriented Leadership 8. Honest and Trustworthy 9. Interpersonal Skill 10. Jealous of None 11. Know Your Industry 12. Learn from [...]

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Principles of Management by Henry Fayol

Henry Fayol’s principles of management are as follows: 1. Division of Work 2. Authority and Responsibility 3. Discipline 4. Unity of Command 5. Unity of Direction 6. Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest. 7. Remuneration of Personnel 8. Centralisation 9. Scalar Chain 10. Order 11. Equity 12. Stability of Tenure of Personnel 13. Initiative 14. Espirit De Corps. Henry [...]

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