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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions strategies are framed at corporate levels. Primary focus of mergers and acquisitions strategies are acquisition, sales, and consolidation of companies for achieving accelerated pace of growth. While framing such strategies at the corporate level, management considers multiple factors, depending on their purpose and motive. Some of the common factors that influence mergers and acquisitions strategies are present [...]

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is a voluntary code of conduct that the board of directors particularly the chief executive officer of the business organisation is expected to follow in operating the business. The code contains expectations and provisions that are more extensive than any statutory, professional or capital market requirements. Corporate Governance is the framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes within [...]

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Audit of Limited Companies | Auditing

Some of the frequently asked exam questions on audit of limited companies are as follows:  Q.1. Indicate the Important points to be considered if you are appointed: (a) As the First Auditor, (b) as the Auditor in place of the Retiring Auditor, and (c) as the Auditor through an order of the Government. Ans. (a) As the First Auditor: The [...]

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