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Sales Variance

Each and everything you need to know about Sales Variance.  Sales Value Variance: It is the difference between budgeted sales revenue and actual sales revenue. In other words, this variance represents the difference between expected sales revenue and actual sales revenue achieved. It is also called Total Sales Variance. Sales Price Variance: It is the difference between actual and expected [...]

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Factory Overhead

Everything you need to know about Factory Overhead. Learn about - 1. Items of Factory Overhead 2. Examples of Factory Overhead 3. Factory Overhead Formula 4. Methods of absorption of factory overheads 5. Steps in dealing with factory overheads in cost accounts 6. Advantages and Disadvantages. What is Factory Overhead: Examples, Formula, Items, Steps, Methods and Distribution  Top 15 Items [...]

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Operating Costing

Operating costing method is one designed to ascertain and control the costs of the undertakings which do not produce products but which render services. Operating costing is also known as service costing. It is that form of operation costing which applies where standardised services are provided either by an undertaking or by a service cost center within an undertaking. The [...]

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