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Essay on Book-Keeping

Read this essay to learn about Book-Keeping. After reading this essay you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Book Keeping 2. Necessity of Book Keeping 3. Systems 4. The Journal and the Theory of Journalising 5. Explanation of Journalising Rules for Various Accounts 6. The Ledger 7. Trial Balance (T/B) 8. Trading Account 9. Profit and Loss Account 10. Balance [...]

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Equity Shares: Advantages and Disadvantages | Company

In this article we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of equity shares. An equity interest in a company may be said to represent a share of the company's assets and a share of any profits earned on those assets after other claims have been met. The equity shareholders are the owners of the business; they purchase shares, the [...]

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An Overview on Debt Instruments | Company

The below mentioned article provides an overview on debt instruments. Debentures: According to section 2(12) of the Companies Act, a "Debenture includes debenture stock, bonds and any other securities of a company, whether constituting a charge on the assets of the company or not". From this definition it is not very clear what is a debenture. A debenture is a [...]

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