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Problems Faced by Small Scale Industries

Some of the problems faced by small scale industries are: 1. Shortage of Finance 2. Shortage of Raw Materials 3. Lack of Managerial Skills 4. Incompetent Labour 5. Marketing Problems 6. Low Quality Products 7. Idle Capacity 8. Outdated Technology 9. Sickness 10. Global Competition and a Few Others. Additionally, learn about the measures to deal with the above mentioned [...]

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Rural Marketing

Rural marketing involves the process of developing, pricing, promoting, distributing rural specific product and a service leading to exchange between rural and urban market which satisfies consumer demand and also achieves organizational objectives. The Indian rural market with its vast size and demand base offers a huge opportunity that MNCs cannot afford to ignore. With 128 million households, the rural [...]

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Rural Market

Rural market covers all marketing activities ascertain the demand, product planning, distribution and facilitating the entire marketing process, with aim of satisfaction of rural consumer. Rural market includes all business activities which involved in flow of goods and services from producers to rural consumers. Rural market offers growth opportunities as the urban markets are increasingly becoming competitive and in many [...]

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