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Management by Objectives (MBO)

Management by Objectives (MBO) is a dynamic system which seeks to integrate many key managerial activities in a systematic manner and is consciously directed toward the effective and efficient achievement of organizational and individual objectives. It is a demanding and rewarding style of managing a business with an effective planning tool to help the supervisor set objectives. Learn about:- 1. [...]

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Organizational Culture

Organizational culture refers to the shared values, shared beliefs and shared expectations of employees. The culture is passed from one generation to another generation of employees. Usually the corporate culture reflects the values of the founder and provides an identity to the employees, stability to the organization as a social system. It differentiates one organization from another and serves as [...]

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Delegation means devolution of authority on subordinates to make them to perform the assigned duties or tasks. It is that part of the process of organization by which managers make it possible for others to share the work of accomplishing organizational objectives. Delegation consists of granting authority or the right to decision-making in certain defined areas and charging the subordinate [...]

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