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Incentive Plan

Each and everything you need to know about Incentive Plan as studied in Cost Accounting and Human Resource Management.  Learn about: Incentive Plan:Halsey (And Halsey-Weir) Premium Plan, Rowan Plan, The Hour-to-Hour or 100% Bonus Plan, Taylor's Differential Piece Rate, Merrick Multiple Piece Rate,  Emerson's Efficiency Plan, Gantt Task and Bonus System, Bedeaux or Points Scheme, Hayne's Plan,  Barth Scheme, Accelerating [...]

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Industrial Dispute

Industrial dispute refers to dispute between the employers and workers. It refers to industrial unrest and conflicts. Any controversy between employers and workers is called industrial dispute. However, it is the narrow meaning of industrial dispute. In today's industrial milieu, the term industrial dispute has a wider connotation. In the wider sense, industrial dispute means any kind of dispute or [...]

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Trade Union

Trade Unions are basically associations of workers and are formed with the aim of protecting the workers against exploitation by their employers and also improving their living conditions. Trade Union means a combination formed for the purpose of regulating the relations not only between workmen and employers but also between workmen and workmen or between employers and employers. Learn about:- [...]

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