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Preparation of Financial Statements | Essay | India | Accounting

Read this essay to learn about the preparation of corporate financial statements.  A company is managed by its Board of Directors who is responsible for reporting to the various interest groups of the company about its financial performance and state of affairs. The purpose of financial reporting is to help the various interest groups in […]

Bennett Stewart Explanation of EVA | Cash Flow | Accounting

In this article we will discuss about the Bennett Stewart explanation of Economic Value Added (EVA). Economic Value Added is the financial performance measure that comes closer than any other to capturing the true economic profit of an enterprise. EVA also is the performance measure most directly linked to the creation of shareholder wealth over […]

Essay on Alternative Capital Structure Theory | Theories | Accounting

In this essay we will discuss about the alternative capital structure theory regarding financial leverage of a company. Modigliani and Miller offered an alternative theory of capital structure. They published theoretical papers that changed the way people thought about financial leverage. They won Nobel prizes in economics because of their work. MM’s papers were published […]

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