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Corporate Development: Dimensions, Concept and Components

After reading this article you will learn about Corporate Development:- 1. Dimensions of Corporate Development 2. Concept of Corporate Development 3. Components 4. Scope 5. Characteristics 6. Importance. Dimensions of Corporate Development: In the broadest sense of the term, there are four essential dimensions involved in corporate development audit. They are as follows: (i) Regularity: […]

12 Main Components of Corporate Development

This article throws light upon the twelve main Components of corporate development. 1. What are the form-related powers and responsibilities (typically for: Departmental Undertaking, Public Corporation, Government Companies, Public or Private Lim­ited Companies)? 2. Whether the corporate enterprise is: (a) Product-market oriented, (b) Product-service oriented, (c) Operating in monopolistic situations, (d) Operating in competitive conditions? […]

Public Relation Policies: Evaluation and Questionnaire

After reading this article you will learn about Public Relation Policies:- 1. Public Relations Policies & Management—An Evaluation 2. Questionnaire Designed for Public Relation Policies. Public Relations Policies & Management—An Evaluation: Good public ‘relations’ results from good performance publicly acknowledged and appreciated. An effective public relations (P.R.) function of a company encompasses fundamentally three areas […]

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