This article throws light upon the twelve main Components of corporate development.

1. What are the form-related powers and responsibilities (typically for: Departmental Undertaking, Public Corporation, Government Companies, Public or Private Lim­ited Companies)?

2. Whether the corporate enterprise is:

(a) Product-market oriented,


(b) Product-service oriented,

(c) Operating in monopolistic situations,

(d) Operating in competitive conditions?

3. What are the stated and unstated objectives and policies? How do they respond towards achieving the objectives so laid down?


4. How does the strategy-structure inter-face and reflect in the adoption of structural-functional planning?

5. What are the typicalities of corporate size and structure with respect to:

(a) Technology related scale?

(b) Market demand and competition?


(c) Single or Multiple plant operations?

(d) Investment and employment?

(e) State of technology, capital or labour intensive?

(f) Capacity installed and plans for utilisation?


(g) Changes in organisational design, ad-hoc or over time?

(h) Growth and diversification and preparations therefor?

(i) Hierarchical organisational pattern vis-a-vis concentric or matrix organisation with reference to the tasks sought to be performed from time to time? etc.

6. Designation of Profit/Cost/Budget centres and the rationale therefor; What are the background considerations?


7. How is the proportion of officers and staff with reference to different departments, the information systems in vogue and the lines of communication established?

8. What is the span of control? How was it determined as regards the span in different departments?

9. What are the determinants of organisational balance in the enterprise?

10. Are all departments/sections equitably manned with same calibre, experience and background of managers and subordinates as against the functions performed in each department or section?


11. What is the degree of emphasis put to key functional areas?

(i) Over-emphasis on production?

(ii) Over-strengthening of technical wings?

(iii) Comparatively lower emphasis on—Marketing or Personnel or Finance?


12. To what extent, are the matters, relating to—departmentation, staffing, creation of positions of authority, recruitment, promotion, placement of right men for the right jobs, compensation schemes, etc., for producing results—realistic and equitable?