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Preparation of Financial State­ments | Company

The latest regulations regarding preparation of financial state­ments issued by IRDA are: 1. Cash Flow Statement (Common for All Insurers): Insurers will in addition to the earlier statutory and subsidiary books of accounts and statements, will have to prepare a receipts and payments account (cash flow statement). This statement must be prepared in accordance with […]

Funds Flow Statement: Importance and Limitations | Accounting

In this article we will discuss about the importance and limitations of funds flow statement.  Following are the uses of this which show its importance: 1. Fund Flow Statement determines the financial consequences of business operations. It shows how the funds were obtained and used in the past. Financial manager can take corrective actions. 2. […]

Classification of Balance Sheet Ratios | Accounting

In this article we will discuss about the classification of balance sheet ratios. They are:- 1. Current Ratio 2. Net Working Capital Ratio 3. Quick Ratio 4. Cash Position Ratio 5. Proprietary Ratio 6. Capital Gearing Ratio 7. Debt Equity Ratio 8. Reserves to Equity Share Capital Ratio 9. Solvency Ratio 10. Security Ratio. 1. […]

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