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Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis | Cost Accounting

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of CVP Analysis 2. Procedure of CVP Analysis 3. Practical Applications of CVP Analysis 4. Assumptions of CVP Analysis 5. Profit-Volume Chart 6. CVP Analysis with Change in Selling Price 7. CVP Analysis in Multi-Product Situations. Meaning of CVP Analysis: Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) analysis studies the relationship […]

Top 6 Categories of Ratio Analysis | Firm

The following points highlight the top six categories of ratio analysis. The categories are: 1. Liquidity Ratios 2. Leverage Ratios 3. Asset Management Ratios 4. Profitability Ratios 5. Operating Ratios 6. Market Based Ratios. Category # 1. Liquidity Ratios: The liquidity ratios measure the liquidity of the firm and its ability to meet its maturing […]

Capital Structure and Value of Firm | Financial Management

In this article we will discuss about the capital structure and value of firm.   Meaning and Definition of Capital Structure and Value of Firm: A firm mobilizes funds which, depending upon their maturity period, can be classified as long-term and short-term sources. The former consists of capital, reserves and term loans raised from public and […]

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