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Top 9 Objectives of Management Accounting

The following points highlight the top nine objectives of management accounting. The objectives are: 1. Assistance in Planning and Formulation of Future Policies 2. Helps in the Interpretation of Financial Information 3. Helps in Controlling Performance 4. Helps in Organizing 5. Helps in the Solution of Strategic Business Problems 6. Helps in Coordinating Operations 7. […]

Cost Accounting and Management Accounting

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between cost accounting and management accounting. Difference # Cost Accounting: 1. Deal with – Cost accounting deals with ascertainment, allocation, appointment and accounting aspect of costs. 2. Base – Cost accounting provides a base for management accounting. 3. Role – Cost accounting is helpful in collecting […]

Top 11 Techniques used in Management Accounting

The following points highlight the top eleven techniques management accounting. The techniques are: 1. Financial Planning 2. Analysis of Financial Statements 3. Historical Cost Accounting 4. Standard Costing 5. Budgetary Control 6. Marginal Costing 7. Funds Flow Statement 8. Cash Flow Statement 9. Decision Making 10. Revaluation Accounting 11. Statistical and Graphical Techniques 12. Communicating. Management […]

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