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10 Major Limitations of Management Accounting

The following points highlight the ten major limitations of management accounting. The limitations are: 1. Based on Records 2. Lack of Knowledge and Understanding of the Related Subjects 3. Intuitive Decisions 4. Lack of Continuity and Coordination 5. No Substitute of Administration 6. Lack of Objectivity 7. Unquantifiable Variables 8. Costly 9. Not in Final […]

Top 10 Functions of Management Accounting

The following points highlight the top ten functions of management accounting. The functions are: 1. Forecasting and Planning 2. Organising 3. Coordinating 4. Controlling Performance 5. Financial Analysis and Interpretation 6. Communication 7. Special Studies 8. Protection of Business Assets 9. Tax Policies. Management Accounting: Functions # 1. Forecasting and Planning: One of the important […]

Financial Accounting and Management Accounting

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between financial accounting and management accounting. (i) Objects: The main object of financial accounting is to measure business income and communication of information to the various categories of persons, i.e., management, creditors, suppliers of goods, bankers, investors, etc. whereas the main objectives of management accounting is […]

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