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Management Audit: Meaning and Objective | Auditing

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Management Audit 2. Objective of Management Audit 3. Scope 4. Weaknesses. Meaning of Management Audit: “Management audit can be defined as an objective and independent appraisal of the effectiveness of managers and the effectiveness of the corporate structure in the achievement of company objectives and […]

Management Audit: Concept and Scope

After reading this article you will learn about Management Audit:- 1. Management Audit Concept 2. Management Audit Scope. Management Audit Concept: Management audit may be defined as the systematic and dispassionate examination, analysis and appraisal of management’s overall performance. It takes into account both financial and non-financial factors including economic environment, their effect on the […]

Circumstances Leading to Development of Management Audit

This article throws light upon the eight major circumstances leading to development of management audit. The circumstances are: 1. The Size, Scale and Complexity 2. Need to Improve Productivity 3. Granting Financial Subsidy 4. Take-Over Bids 5. Societal Need 6. Need for Periodical Check-Up 7. Foreign Collaboration 8. Equity Participation. Circumstance # 1. The Size, […]

Management Audit: Definition, Meaning and Fundamental Concepts

After reading this article you will learn about Management Audit:- 1. Definition of Management Audit 2. Meaning & Concept of Management Audit 3. Fundamental Concepts 4. Scope and Process. Definition of Management Audit: There is no general agreement as to the precise meaning of the term: Management Audit…… The term has been defined differently by […]

Notes on Management Audit Criteria

This article provides notes on Management Audit Criteria. The management functions are fundamentally of two types—qualitative and quantitative. Even if quantitative criteria or standards are identifiable or determinable and auditable, the qualitative aspects are difficult to audit. With respect to Management Audit, the objective is to identify for management the typical problems the company faces […]

Management Audit by Self-Appraisal

After reading this article you will learn about Management Audit by Self-Appraisal:- 1. Advantages of Management Audit by Self-Appraisal 2. Disadvantages of Management Audit by Self-Appraisal. Advantages of Management Audit by Self-Appraisal: (i) The company’s personnel know the organisational policies, plans, personnel, operations, personalities and working relationships, the political climate, the functional importance, and some […]

Appraisal Areas of a Management Audit

This article throws light upon the ten main appraisal areas of a management audit. The appraisal areas are: 1. Economic Function vis-a-vis Social Responsibility 2. Corporate Structure 3. Health of Earnings 4. Service to the Shareholders 5. Research and Development 6. Analysis of the Board of Directors 7. Fiscal and Financial Policies 8. Production Efficiency […]

Management Auditor: Qualities and Functions

After reading this article you will learn about Management Auditor:- 1. Qualities of a Management Auditor 2. Functions of a Management Auditor. Qualities of a Management Auditor: A management auditor should have the following specific qualities: (i) Ability to understand and gauge business problems. (ii) General understanding of the organisation. (iii) Expert knowledge on the […]

Management Audit: Considerations and Selection

After reading this article you will learn about Management Audit:- 1. Fundamental Considerations for Management Audit 2. Selecting the Auditors for Management Audit. Fundamental Considerations for Management Audit: Management audit is conducted in the same way as that of a scientific investigation. The basic considerations of a management auditor for the efficient conduct of audit […]

Organisation Development: Concept and Characteristics

After reading this article you will learn about Organisation Development:- 1. Concept and Scope of Organisation Development 2. Organisation Development Characteristics 3. Components. Concept and Scope of Organisation Development: The concept of organisation development and its audit is still an emerging field. According to Keith Davis, “Organisation development (OD) is an educational strategy which focuses […]

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