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Incentive Plan

Each and everything you need to know about Incentive Plan as studied in Cost Accounting and Human Resource Management.  Learn about: Incentive Plan:Halsey (And Halsey-Weir) Premium Plan, Rowan Plan, The Hour-to-Hour or 100% Bonus Plan, Taylor's Differential Piece Rate, Merrick Multiple Piece Rate,  Emerson's Efficiency Plan, Gantt Task and Bonus System, Bedeaux or Points Scheme, Hayne's Plan,  Barth Scheme, Accelerating [...]

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Objectives of Human Resource Management

Objectives of human resource management are influenced by organisational objectives and individual and social goals. Objectives at various levels are interrelated. It implies that achievement of one objective may lead to achievement of another objective or set of objectives also. For example, human resource development leads to achievement of personal objectives as well as organizational objectives simultaneously. The objectives and [...]

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HR Audit

Human resource (HR) audit means the systematic verification of job analysis, job description, job design, records of recruitment and selection, orientation and placement, training and development, job evaluation, performance appraisal, motivation and moral, compensation packages, welfare and social securities as well as industrial disputes and their solutions. An audit is a review and verification of completed transactions to see whether [...]

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