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Types of Advertising Media

Advertising media is a vehicle or device that carries the message of the advertiser to the target consumer. There are various media that are available for an advertiser to choose from, to carry his particular advertising message. Availability of advertising media is very important to consider while planning to advertise in an overseas market. It is pertinent to mention that [...]

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Pricing Methods

The three major categories of methods used to establish product prices are cost-oriented pricing, competition-oriented pricing, and demand-oriented pricing. A retailer may use one or a combination of the methods. The most common is cost-oriented pricing. A number of methods are prevailed for determination of the products price. Price is the only element of the marketing mix that produces revenue; [...]

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How to Record Costs, Value and Profit on Contracts?

In this article we will discuss about the procedure for recording of costs, value and profit on contracts. Recording of Costs of a Contract: The following is the recording procedure for different costs relating to a contract: 1. Materials: Contract Account is debited with the following, relating to materials: (a) Materials specially purchased and sent to contract site. (b) Materials [...]

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