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Stages of New Product Development

Product development does not just happen, it has to be planned. Dynamic firms plan their innovations for five to ten years in advance. They have a definite idea of exactly what product developments they want and what new product they will need to cater to the demands of their customers. Experience has proved that those firms which are most successful [...]

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Factors Affecting Price Determination

Some of the factors affecting price determination are: 1. Product Cost 2. The Utility and Demand 3. Extent of Competition in the Market 4. Government and Legal Regulations 5. Pricing Objectives 6. Marketing Methods Used and a Few Others. Factors Affecting Price Determination Factors Affecting Price Determination – 6 Factors Fixation of price is an important exercise for every firm. [...]

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Types of Advertising Media

Advertising media is a vehicle or device that carries the message of the advertiser to the target consumer. There are various media that are available for an advertiser to choose from, to carry his particular advertising message. Availability of advertising media is very important to consider while planning to advertise in an overseas market. It is pertinent to mention that [...]

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