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Methods of Job Analysis

Job analysis is the process of getting information about jobs especially, what the worker does; how he gets it done; why he does it; skill, education and training required; relationship to other jobs, physical demands; environmental conditions. Job analysis traditionally has been conducted in a number of different ways. Also, firms differ in their needs and in the resources they [...]

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Control Techniques

Control techniques can be studied under: A. Traditional Techniques B. Modern Techniques. Traditional techniques of controlling includes: 1. Budgetary Control 2. Standard Costing 3. Financial Ratio Analysis 4. Internal Audit 5. Statistical Control 6. Break-Even Point Analysis 7. Personal Observation 8. Financial Ratio Analysis 9. Internal Audit. Modern techniques of controlling includes: 1. Network Techniques (PERT and CPM) 2. Management [...]

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Features of Management

Some of the most important features of management are: 1. Group Activity 2. Goal Oriented Process 3. Continuous Process 4. Dynamic Process 5. Integrating Force 6. Intangible Force 7. Universal 8. Human Focused Activity 9. Unrelated to Proprietorship 10. Involves Decision-Making 11. Strongly Integrates Organisational Resources 12. Multi-Disciplinary 13. Situational 14. Social Activity 15. General Process 16. Separate Existence 17. [...]

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